The Commander Of The Operations Division Of A Police Department

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As the commander of the operations division of a police department, I would have a responsibility to the officers in my command, to take their concerns, regarding job related stress, very seriously. Law enforcement is one of the most stressful jobs in our country, and job related stress has detrimental effects on the officers (Bohm, 2010) We, as a society, and more specifically, as police supervisors, are asking these officers to go face dangers and traumatic, life threatening, life altering events on a daily basis. It would, and is imperative, that we equip them with the best safety equipment available, and an open line of communication with the command staff of the department. Although there may not be much we can do to address the other issues which are associated with the job, but we can do these things for the officers. To address the issues with frequent shift changes, as the commander of a division, I may not be able to change the shifts that I have been instructed to have the officers’ work. This type of decision is usually made by the chief of the department, although the rest of the command staff may have some input into the decision making process. What I would do to address this concern would be to assign the officers to a shift schedule which is as stable as I can make it, within the guidelines of my authority. I would also bring the concerns of the officers to the chief’s attention, and work with him or her to reach the best possible solution for the…
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