The Commercial Revolution of the Middle Ages 950-1350

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In this book it revealed how the middle ages were not dead times, but mere it was the just beginning of everything, such as it gave people more freedom and independence and allowed to people to explore trading new things with others. Basically in the beginning of the book Lopez starts talking about the Roman world and also about the commerce and the effect of the Barbarian invasion, and after that industry started sky rocketing because there was tremendous commercial growth. Also he states that agriculture surplus. Another thing he states is the business of penetration of the Jews, and the how adventurousness, the Italians and there role of the credit and value of contracts among and their developments in their transportation. After understanding this book I realized that Middle Ages was the birth of capitalism, in this middle classes, were modern world. Often many of these political issues are happening in our time like class, warfare, hostility to business and the disastrous role of taxation by destructive central government and it was necessary for the freedom to make sure the economic growth is in stable position. Also another word that was frequently used was the middles age was also known as “The Age of Faith”. Another reason was it was during the gothic cathedral were the most fascinating monuments. During this time “The Commercial Revolution was of Middle Ages from 950-1350 and this by another named S. Lopez and this story reminds us that the past indeed a

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