The Common Adverse Event That Jeopardize Patient Safety

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The most common adverse event that jeopardize patient safety is patient falls, or for documentation purpose, patient found on the floor. The most common preventable adverse event that jeopardize the nurse accountability is patient falls. In my four years of nursing I have had to complete one patient fall incident report, but I have assisted in the documentation of at least four, which was five to many patients fall. Morse fall scale is the fall risk assessment commonly used in the hospital setting. My plan is to shine the light on fall prevention intervention by taking the Morse fall scale 2-steps farther. What nurses may not know is, inpatient falls are the liability of the hospital and not reimbursed by Center for Medical and Medicaid Service (Given, Given & Spoelstra, 2012).
My plan is to better assess a patient risk of falling, by taking the Morse fall scale 2-step farther. The Morse fall scale assess the patient risk for falling using specific variables like: the patient history of falling, if the patient has a secondary diagnosis, if the patient uses an ambulatory aid, if the patient has an IV access, the patient mobility and current mental status. Once all variables are assessed and scored, a numeric value is assigned that estimate if the patient has no risk of falling during the hospitalization or a high risk of falling. To help decrease the patient risk of falling I would review the patient current medication, medication like opiates, hypertension and hypnotic

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