The Common Characteristics And Similarities Of Nelson Mandela

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According toe The Oxford English Dictionary, the word heroism means ‘’great bravery’’. Heroism comes “from a French heroism” (heroism, n.d) which also comes from the Latin word heroes that means ‘’ man having physical courage or superhuman strength. The word heroism doesn’t only mean having a strength and courage, it also means having a very brave behavior. In contrast, it doesn’t mean weakness. Nelson Mandela, a hero twenty-one years ago in the making up until today, and a hero tomorrow have changed the outlook of the world in so many ways to others, in ways beyond measure. His administration focused on dismantling the legacy of apartheid, as well as tackling racism, poverty and inequality. On the other hand Abraham Lincoln was the sixth president of the United States and ruled until he was assassinated. One of the characteristics of Abraham that made him a great leader just like Mandela was that he learned from his mistakes in his job, another characteristic that he was known for was the ability to control his emotions, and furthermore the ability to understand peoples weaknesses. Nelson and Abraham have many common…show more content…
First off, both made a difference in their nations through perseverance and will power. They received a lot of criticism from parties around them, and were also put in dangerous situations and were to able to handle this pressure and move forward. Another common characteristic was that both men faced an opposing side during their rule; they were both greatly challenged by either an opposing side in society or other presidents. Moreover, there were many large differences. For example, Mandela faced issues regarding racism while Lincoln faced issues from people of different social ranks. Another major difference would be that Abraham Lincoln ruled until his assassination while Nelson Mandela grew old and passed
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