The Common Conditions For Being Bullied, Bullying, And Violence

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Many peer reviews suggest that the common conditions for being bullied, bullying behavior, and violence are related to a boys socially not normal categories, peer groups pressures, their higher risk for aggression, a lack of education, and family home environments and parenting styles (Farrell, Mehari, Mays, Sullivan,& Le, 2015).
Collected and reviewed cross sectional data on bullying, being bullied and violence from peer reviewed articles suggested also that active bullying and violence in boys ages 10-12 comes from parenting styles and lack of education on the subjects of bullying and violence preventions along with many social factors and that rectifying bullying and violence behaviors could be directly related to parent and
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In this research proposal we will ask the research questions; Does parenting and education play a significant role in male children ages 10-12 violence and the reduction of bullying in school? If a male child and parents receive education and intervention in school does this decrease bullying and violent activity in male children at this age?
This research proposal will suggest interventions and education programs for parents and teachers that can help eliminate violence and bullying in middle school age male children ages 10-12.
For my capstone project I would like to write a research proposal on violence and bullying on males age 10-12 and affective counter measures that can help reduce these issues in our public school systems.
Many peer reviews suggest that violence and bullying in schools comes from many commonalities including peer groups pressures, not fitting in socially in school, that boys were at higher risk for aggression, and that lack of education contribute to the problem adding to the frequencies of children getting violent (Farrell, Mehari, Mays, Sullivan, Le, 2015). There is suggested research that theorize that lack of parenting leads to children becoming more violent and that violence in the home increased a child’s chances of being violent. Violence in many cases was also directly related to lack of communication and involvement with the parents and teachers with the children in general
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