The Common Core Standards Have Changed Teaching Methods

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PARCC, TLI, Benchmark, and all of the common core standards have changed teaching methods. Instead of focusing on making one child better at a lesson they are not understanding, teachers have to move on to the next lesson. This could be a factor in the United States having a spot near the bottom when being tested against other nations. Teachers are not allowed enough time to accurately tutor their students on everything they need to know and be ready for because the individuals have to learn as much as possible before the end of the year. Therefore, they are constantly learning new skills with the possibility of not even knowing the last. Testing has made receiving a proper education almost impossible. The intended purpose of standardized test was to increase the score of the nation as a whole. In the past few years increased scores have not transpired, in fact, they have more than likely descended. The only effect these tests have acquired for this nation is making undergraduates feel less about themselves and increased the stress level of each individual. Some, if not most, of the questions on the test are not even taught in the corresponding grade level. “Some of the fourth-grade math questions on data analysis, statistics and geometry are not part of that grade 's guidelines under the Common Core and so might not have been covered in class”(Rich, Motoko). How is a teacher supposed to prepare his or her students for questions if most of those questions are above the

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