The Common Core Standards Of The United States

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Education has been changing and developing for centuries, and with change comes differing of opinions. The Common Core standards are the most recent attempt to educate the best students in the United States. Although teachers at schools implementing Common Core are learning new methods of teaching, the standards do not dictate what approach they should take; these standards are what students should comprehend and be able to do by the end of the term or scholastic year. Provided that students are invested in their personal educations, students should be better prepared for their lives in the “real world,” what some call the portion of life following high school as a result. The Common Core standards should be the standards of education in the United States as it will improve the abilities of students more and produce conscientious citizens of the world capable of contribution. Historically, education has been a heavily discussed topic that drives debates today, a particular and obvious example would be the presidential debates. Some groups or individuals in the past and the present press on the importance of “schools’ role in reducing poverty, increasing productivity and improving economic competitiveness” (Lagemann & Shulman 17). Education is not only teaching children how to add and read, but it is also the production of able, productive citizens of the world. Common Core addresses the issues in education that the world has faced for an inexplicably long time. Various
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