The Common Core State Standard For Language Arts

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To Kill a Mockingbird: Modern Day Parallels, Evolution of Compassion, and Guide to Leadership The Common Core State Standard for Language Arts, which is the current standards observed by North Carolina, determines the particular proficiency students need in order to be prepared for their academic and professional futures according to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. They add that some of these skills include, but are not limited to critical thinking skills, literacy skills and analytical skills. Current process, for the most part, do help establish a framework for keeping materials relevant to the maturity level of students. However, if students or parents feel as if their values or beliefs don’t line up with current standards of education, complications can arise. Complications such as the censorship of beneficial literature can have negative consequences in society. In agreement with Judy Blume, “ If every individual with an agenda had his/her way, the shelves in the school library would be close to empty.” Although there are many books that have either been banned or challenged, according to The Committee on Intellectual Freedom of the American Library Association, To Kill a Mockingbird is listed as “being among the 10 most frequently challenged books” (Karolides, Bald, and Sova 483). Naturally, To Kill a Mockingbird’s use of explicit racial language and depictions of African Americans are two of the major reasons for its being

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