The Common Core State Standards Asking Too Much Of Elementary Children?

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Are the Common Core State Standards Asking Too Much of Elementary Children?
When many people think of elementary education, they think of reading small passages and learning the difference between addition and subtraction in easy, creative ways. Now, with the new Common Core State Standards implemented, today’s kids will have more things to worry about. They are asked more challenging questions and expected to have more rigorous answers. This does not set a steady learning pace for the average child. In 2009, many states adopted a new schooling standard called the Common Core State Standards. These are a set of popular K-12 standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics with future standards in other subjects like Social Studies. They were created for the “poor quality of content” (Polikoff) standards and to ensure that every student will learn the same things at the same pace. Researchers claim that the standards are better than the current state standards, raising the expectations of performance for students. Although Common Core is supposed to be higher quality, there are many challenges it would face such as technology upgrades, content coverage, computer scoring, etc. Before the Common Core State Standards, each state set its own standards similar to one another. With Common Core Standards, every state will have the same standards to base student performance off of. Another reason these new standards were put into place is to ensure that America will be able to…

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