The Common Core State Standards

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The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) initiative is a plan to restructure the educational system in the United States and provide students with a high-quality education. Many states have adopted and are implementing these standards. In our fast changing world, different skills are needed to do the jobs our society has to offer. Upon completion of high school, these students need to be equipped to either enter the workforce prepared to meet the demands of their employers or to enter college prepared to take their education to the next level in pursuit of careers. The CCSS will increase in depth and difficulty from kindergarten through grade 12.
In reviewing the CCSS, there are a number of changes that will need to be addressed. For the English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) Standards a fundamental change involves the increase of informational text. The increase in the teaching of this genre not only includes ELA classrooms, but content classrooms, as well. The proposal of informational text, Gewertz (2012) stated, “includes literary nonfiction, as well as historical documents, scientific journals, technical manuals, biographies, autobiographies, essays, speeches and information displayed in charts, graphs, or maps, digitally or in print” (p. 11).
Students will also be expected to read and comprehend text that increases in complexity. Johns (2012) expressed that the CCSS, “expect students at the end of the year to read materials independently and proficiently at

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