The Common Health Inequalities Of New Zealand Essay

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Introduction Everyone should have equal rights and privilege to live and be treated fairly in every aspect of human life. Health in humans is the ability of each individual or communities to adapt and cope to challenges in relation to social, physical, or mental aspects. In this paper we will tackle about some of the common health inequalities that most Maoris and non-maoris have experienced while looking for healthcare services, and on how such healthcare inequalities can be reduced. New Zealand has a rich and fascinating unique history, depicting its early settlers from Maoris until the colonization of the British Crown. The discovery of New Zealand comes a long way back from more than 700 years ago. Learning ones history is like seeing the foundation of the past and how it actually get influenced by a lot of factors such as time, people, and many more. It all starts from the agreement signing of the Treaty of Waitangi or also called Te Tiriti o Waitangi in Maori language. It is a mutual agreement between the British crown and Maori tribes when the British crown claimed New Zealand as a colony in 1840 and it stays to be vastly significant in defining the connection between Māori and Pakeha (non-Maori) until present. The health status of aboriginal people internationally differs from their peculiar, historic, administrative, and public circumstances. New Zealand is a multinational country which includes an amount of diverse ethnic groups such as European, Pacific Islander,
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