The Common Man, Nothing More Than A Phantom

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Though Wall Street seems to be an enigma to the common man, nothing more than a phantom one hears about constantly. Many view Wall Street in a negative light because they seem to be living in an elite exclusive parallel world, where they are untouched by the economic disasters they cause. In some way they really are living in a parallel world, in the sense that Wall Street has its own culture that is separate from other surrounding cultures. In Biographies of Hegemony author Karen Ho explores this sub-culture especially focusing on their recruitment methodology. One of the parts of their culture is the word “smart” which means something different to them. “Smartness” implies that recruits standardize themselves and Investment Banks customize themselves in order to be impressive to each other and because Wall Street’s business relies on impressiveness.
The recruits have to tailor themselves to find into a box, model of the ‘ideal candidate’, that Investment Banks are looking for. To be hired employers and recruiters need to ensure that they fit into the Wall Street Lifestyle, the expensiveness, the exclusivity, and the impressiveness. Wall Street is looking for a specific candidate, because as Ho points out, “The key criterion of smartness is to ‘wow’ the clients… smartness must be represented and reinforced by a specific appearance and bodily technique that dominantly signals that impressiveness…” (Ho 167). The ideal candidate is “smart”, which does not match the colloquial…
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