The Common Misconception Of The Scientific Community

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The common misconception in the scientific community is that there is only one way to get things into space- a combustion powered rocket. However, recently there have been talks and designs floating around about other methods to travel to space. Currently the technology and tools existing regarding space are seen as revolutionary and ahead of our time. However the possibility for even more advanced and efficient technology is within the grasp of humanity. We first launched a rocket to get to the moon in 1969, and since then the design for space rockets has varied slightly. The use of space shuttles was first introduced in 1981, and since then almost no changes have been made for space travel. In our world if you are not progressing, you are falling behind. We have been using dangerous and unreliable rockets for 47 years now. The recent explosion that occurred for the company SpaceX has highlighted our case and point. The current way to get into space is not only unreliable and dangerous, but it is also highly inefficient and expensive. The main focus in recent years is launching things into geostationary orbits, or orbits that stay in the same spot relative to the Earth. The cost to launch a rocket into a geostationary orbit is currently around 20,000 dollars per kilogram, which is an outrageous amount of money ( Furthermore the rockets themselves are
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