The Common Obstacles Of Cat Ownership

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Adopting a cat has an abundance of benefits ranging from simple companionship to the fulfillment of taking care of and providing for another living being. With these benefits, however, come several challenges. Although these challenges can be easily overcome, it is still necessary to be aware of them. Early awareness of the common obstacles of cat ownership allows owners to be better prepared to make their new feline friend happy, healthy, and comfortable. While small and sweet, providing a cat with basic home care, veterinary care, and exercise are a few of the common challenges that come with cat ownership. Similar to necessary basic care for a dog, a cat requires the occasional bath, nail grooming, and, of course food. Unfortunately, however, while a dog typically tolerates a bath with ease, a cat does not tend to accept water as easily. Rather than patiently sit still while the owners scrub away built up filth, the cat will likely do anything possible to get out of this soapy situation. The constant wiggling and clawing almost makes bath time a two-person job; one individual is in charge of simply holding the cat still while the other does the actual washing. Of course, trimming the cat’s claws makes bath time less physically painful for owners, but that, too, can prove to be a trying task. Cats are also known to try to squirm away from the nail clippers, too, which brings the added difficulty of avoiding the blood vessel and nerve ending filled quick.
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