The Common Practice Of Female Genital Mutilation

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In some cultures, the common practice of Female Genital Mutilation in Africa and the Middle East, are causing concerns amongst these young girls.
When it comes to a moral relativist, they would say that this process is morally correct, since it is their culture. Yet, others disagree, including myself. This practice can only be justified in terms of their culture, but disregarding that, it becomes an unnecessary practice. Taking all of these matters into consideration, it becomes a battle of who is right and wrong.
When it comes to questioning the morality of Female Genital Mutilation, the practice of FGM is culturally correct, according to a moral relativist. I think a moral relativist would stick to their guns, saying it is relevant
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This would also explain why it doesn’t happen in every single culture because it is relevant to just one or two.
In addition, pertaining to the views of a moral relativist, I think it would be hard to decide how one would view criticism against FGM, because not every moral relativist would have the same exact thoughts about the Female Genital Mutilation practice. They could possibly say that it is inappropriate for other people to criticize other cultures, for they have their own set of subjective morals, opposed to those in the FGM culture.
However, I think we should question the moral relativist’s reasoning though: just because their culture code is different, it shouldn’t be morally acceptable to inflict unnecessary and forced pain upon young girls. Not to mention, this is proven to have no health benefits. Although a moral relativist would say we could not judge because our moral beliefs are not the basic code or are special enough to criticize the way these people practice FGM.
On the other hand, I, personally, do believe that this forced and unnecessary FGM practice is morally wrong. However, objectively speaking, it is not because I have no room to judge another culture’s morals, according to a moral relativist. Female genital mutilation is something that could only be justified morally, in my eyes, in specific situation. Such as if it were a completely sterile, voluntary, and professional practice. Then I
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