The Common Problem Of Addiction

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Some people truly do not understand how serious an addiction really can be; they even used the word lightly. They say thing like I’m addicted to shoes, or I’m addicted to eating chocolate. They can really like shoes or really like to eat chocolate but can they truly say that they are addicted to these things. The common definition for the word addition is to have a compulsive need to have something on a regular bases, that can means every day. Addiction is looked at as being a chronic disease of the brain. Just like any other disease addiction can take over your life. The most common addiction that hurts our society more then we know is drug or alcohol addictions. Not only is it taking over our community’s but it is also taking over our jails and prisons. There are over 6.8 million people in America that are suffering with a drug or alcohol addiction, and many of these people are suffering alone. Since they have these addictions many times they are arrest for using drugs or committing a crime so that they can get the drugs they need. There are over two million people serving time in our jails and prisons and over 500,000 are there because of a drug related crime. Drug and alcohol addiction has become an increasing problem over the years. We need to look more in to making sure that these individuals get the right help instead of just locking them up and throwing away the key. By doing this we could decrease their chances of them reusing and re-offending and returning to jail
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