The Common Romantic Relationship Relationships

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Most of the adults in this world are involved in a romantic relationship or will be eventually. The most common romantic relationship includes the sexual dating relationship, the domestic partnership, and the marriage. The adults or partners involved in these relationships inevitably reach a point of conflict and how they react to the conflict can show whether the partners are a securely, avoidant, or anxious attached person. The securely attached adults usually have a positive view when dealing with relationship issues. Whereas, an avoidant attached adults are more hesitant and distance themselves from their partner. Adults who tend to be more emotional, jealous, and possessive and demand closeness have an anxious attachment. People should strive for the secure attachment style for the best satisfaction level, commitment level, and ability to adapt to change in their romantic relationship, that is what most of the adults have and most want their partner to be the same. Many theorist noticed that there tended to be a pattern with the attachment styles that people have as adults to what attachment style they had as children. John Bowlby designed the Attachment Theory to explain the bond between a child and people serving in the caregiver role (Feldman, 2011). In 1987, Cindy Hazan and Philip Shaver applied Bowlby’s views on attachment to include the bonds between adults and their romantic partners (Nudson-martin, 2012). Hazan and Shaver viewed attachment in adult romantic…
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