The Common Sexually Transmitted Infections

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Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States (CDC, 2013). People are having unprotected sex and passing these viruses from one parent to another every day and they don 't even know it’s happening. There is a vaccination called Gardasil that can prevent HPV for teenage girl, woman and teenage males now. Gardasil should be mandated for parents for vaccinating their children for these viruses. “For all ages between 9-26 years, this vaccination is the best method to prevent HPV infection and the risk of HPV related diseases” (CDC 2014). Gardasil should be a required immunization for getting into middle school or high school requirements. This vaccine is saving people from different kinds of…show more content…
Parents in the United States need to decide if they want to have their children have cervical cancer, genital warts or male teenagers passing HPV to every partner they have. Education parents are the main goal for health care workers and schools so parents get the correct and accurate information on the human papillomavirus or for any vaccine for that matter. One way to protect us from getting a sexually transmitted disease at such a young age and also having a vaccine out there that can teenagers can get to prevent the human papillomavirus. Parents are thinking that if they give them the HPV vaccine that they are giving permission to have intercourse. We should educate early teenagers in school about safe sex and waiting till marriage, then we can see how almost eliminating HPV altogether. Education is all in all the main point of mandating the HPV vaccine and parents getting the true facts in vaccines in general. There are over a 100 strands of human papillomaviruses and more that they are still researching. Human papillomaviruses are small, double-stranded DNA viruses that infect the epithelium and turns into cells that are infected. About 79 million Americans are currently infected with HPV. About 14 million will be infected with it annually. With millions of people getting these strands of HPV, Parents need to think twice about not vaccinating their children on this and look at the big
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