The Common Technique for Free Throw

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Introduction The basketball game played by two teams consisting of five players. In the basketball game, the basketball player tries to outscore their opponent by passing, handling or dribbling the basketball into position for shooting the ball into their offensive basket. When either of the team player violated or foul, the fouled player attempts a free-throw of the ball changes (Mood, Masker & Rink, 1991). The free drop is important later in the game because of the free throws comprise a significantly larger portion of total points made during the final 5 minutes than the first 35 minutes of the game for both gaining and losing teams (Kozar, 1994). The fouled player required to shoot from the free throw line. The free throw line is 15 feet from the basket and has ample time to attempt the shot, so that is the easiest shots in basketball. A successful free throw needed a good concentration, relaxation, but the most important is a good mechanic in the shot. Also, the player does more practice can increase the success percentage in a free throw. This paper will be concentrating on the common technique of free throw which are including the approach and stance phase, backswing phase, force producing phase, follow through and projectile motion.
Approach and stance phase Most of the basketball player has different preliminary movement to prepare free throw. The basketball player attempted to relax themselves and free the muscle tension before they shot which are shaking
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