The Common Type Of Dementia

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Alzheimer is the most common type of dementia that refers to problems with memory, thinking and behavior typically among people aged 65 and older (Alzheimer’s Association.) Dementia is caused by damage to nerve sells in the brain and as a result, neurons can no long function normally and may die. In Alzheimer’s disease, the impairment of the neurons eventually damages one’s ability to carry out basic everyday activities such as walking and eating. According to the Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, physical exercise can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s by up to 50 percent. After developing cognitive problems, regular exercise will help to slow further deterioration. For example, someone that has developed symptoms should take the stairs instead of the elevators as a way to add more movement into their day. It is imperative to acknowledge symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease sooner rather than later so that a health provider can recommend proper treatment options. These symptoms develop over time and gradually worsen over the years. At the most moderate stage of someone with Alzheimer’s, a common sign is gradual memory loss and confusion. Someone in the moderate stage may also have difficulty doing things that have multiple steps such as getting dressed in the morning. As time progresses, the person in its final stages of the disease are unable to leave their bed and eventually need around-the-clock assistance. Signs of severe Alzheimer’s disease also include the inability
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