The Common Types Of Phobias

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Phobias are a type of a phsycological disorder that occurs in humans, it has several types, classifications and categories.As we all know, phobias are extreme types of fear, usually of unreasonable proportions and of the most ordinary of things. Some phobias are considered to be common phobias that can happen to people often. There are several common types of phobias such as spider phobia, snake phobia, flying phobia germ phobia. We can almost understand why and how a person could be afraid of heights or of crawling insects and spiders and other common types of phobia, there some types of phobias that are considered to be uncommon, and it is a totally different concept to become afraid, to an extreme degree, of people from a different ethnic background. This often results to mutual hatred between two entities or nations. In other words, as people categorize themselves as citizens of a nation, thereby exercising nationalism, there is a tendency to increase intolerance against resident foreigners, since they are distinct from the native’s values, concepts and culture. According to United Kingdom researcher, Elizabeth Cashdan, writing for the Current Anthropology journal on Ethnocentrism and Xenophobia, A Cross-Cultural Study, people have it in them to easily develop a strong loyalty towards their own ethnic group or race (2001). This is known as ethnic attachment, or the claim of common origin. As a result, there is a strong tendency to favor fellow…

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