The Commonwealth Of Virginia V. Allen

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VIRGINIA V. ALLEN The Commonwealth of Virginia v. Allen (609 S.E.2d 4, Va. 2005) was a fascinating case. The case focused on two expert witness testifying for the state and the other for the defendant, and if they acted and behaved ethically during the proceedings. Successive information will be addressed to prove the thought process behind my opinion given in this case. The APA code of ethics and specialty guidelines will be used to support my reasoning. Furthermore, they will serve as a baseline of boundaries within the profession to determine the expert witness’ influences to the case as well as their behavior within the profession. The first expert witness represented the Commonwealth of Virginia and is a licensed clinical psychologist. Dr. Ronald M. Boggio’s testimony targeted information from a personal interview with the defendant, he also rendered psychological tests to Mr. Allen to assist in his testimony. When reading the case, it appeared that Dr. Boggio’s had been Mr. Allen’s psychologist is the past or may still be currently. It wasn’t very clear, regardless, he had broad knowledge and experience with the defendant Mr. Allen which leaves his testimony tainted in a sense. The question remains, was his actions ethical or not. I looked at the APA and found that multiple relationships could have been a factor in him serving as an expert witness. The APA 3.07 (2010) discusses third party requests for service and believe this psychologist had multiple…
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