The Communication Can Be Verbally Or Non Verbally

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Law enforcement use variety of communications to gather information regarding the case. The communication can be verbally or non-verbally. Sensory verbal communication is one of the neurolinguistics programming used in interviewing. There are three important aspects in sensory verbal communication: the purpose of sensory verbal communication, mirroring type, and shifting type. The purpose of using sensory verbal communication is to observe the interviewee’s reactions that give clues for further investigation. It is part of the neurolinguistics programming (NLP), which is the interconnectedness of human communication such as thinking, speaking verbally or non-verbally, and pattern of behavior. Sensory verbal communication involved with visual, auditory, and kinesthetic properties. Voice characteristics can indicate a clue for the truthfulness of the person speaking (Gosselin, 2007). When you are interviewing someone, you can notice the paralinguistic changes. Paralinguistic is the “differences in emphasis, volume, pitch, inflection, nasality and articulation” (Eadie, 2009). The changes can convey several of meanings. For example, it represents boredom, sarcasm, anger, or drawing attention to a particular thing or topic. Report shows “how we interpret or react to these experiences determines whether we form a positive or negative feeling about a particular situation” (Satterfield). In brief, our understanding based on the give information may lead us to have a good or bad
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