The Communication Model Of Wg The Dog

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There are three types of models that could be identified as the model most useful for explaining the problematic message observed in the film, ‘Wag the Dog’. These three modes consist of the linear model, the interactive model and the transactional model. The interactive model allows the viewer to identify the problem and to identify where that particular problem had originated from. According to Wilber Schramm, the interactive model is the act by which communication travels in a circle while a sender transmits a message then a receiver responds with feedback, allowing both parties to become senders and receivers. This is both evident in this film and it creates a problematic outlook for the viewers as both parties potentially have mixed up…show more content…
According to an article based on communication studies about changing minds, it states that in the transactional model, two people communicate with multiple messages through what may be multiple channels and one parallel message. As with other models, the message may be distorted and people may be distracted. This model of communication holds that communication travels in a circle and a sender transmitted a message before a responder replies with feedback. This allows both parties to become senders and receivers, similar to the interactive model. The transactional model also gives a sense of environment and it adapts other surroundings. Another change you will notice in the transactional model is the overlap between each communicator. According to Harvey, communication occurs within systems and this can effect communication lines and interpreting meanings. Overall, the transactional model states that it is not what we do to each other as senders and receivers, but it is what we do with each other as communicators. This is evident during the film as the President gets too inflicted in the crisis of war and in turn this generates an accumulated confusion of mind over matter for the

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