The Communication Of A Company Needs

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Some of the Hockaday’s communication that I believed weren’t excellent displays of communication was when a few of the other team members were still on the fence and showed concern about the virtual changes. If they were uncertain about anything I believed everyone who had concerns should have let Jill and the team know. If they had let her know they would have been displaying message functions which “contributes to the overall functioning of the organization” (p. 30)”. Jill being the CEO has the final decision to either move forward with the virtual structure or not. She and the team needed all the information in order to have a better understanding of the company needs. Having this information might or might have not changed her mind about moving forward with the new program. This would have been more productive than just agreeing with the overall group. Another lack of good communication excellence was when the customer support team that was handpicked by Ruggero were unprepared. It is noted that they were all handpicked based on merit and the ability to perform well under pressure. This was a high pressure situation and before this system went live they should have practiced every scenario that could have gone array, including hardware problems. This is basic crisis preparedness that they were not prepared for. With a job so important and one that relies on all equipment to be working properly, they needed to have a system and backup plan ready for all issues.
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