The Communication Of Gender-Based Oppression Of Women In Advertising

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Advertising can take many forms, whether that includes promoting an idea with print media like magazines or billboards, or whether it means marketing through the screen with television commercials or mobile marketing on cellphones and computers. The contents of this essay discovers and uncovers the trends in place for women in commercial media. For example, marketing between women and men differ significantly in all areas: The use of women for marketing purposes, the ways advertisers make modifications when catering to either demographic as the audience, and the occupations either gender hold in the marketing workplace. Typically, viewers place women in a critical light when it comes to ads, compared to a looser standard for men in all aspects, concerning both times on screen and behind the scenes. This attitude in media, though unfortunate, fosters a widespread gender-based oppression within society, promoting the idea that women are deficient in creativity, leadership, or independence.…show more content…
This paper establishes advertisement media as the communication of promotional themes to an audience, utilizing the technologies of print and/or electronics. According to Elise Meyer, the label of ‘woman’ applies to “any person who is biologically, anatomically, and/or genetically female and/or who performs and/or identifies as a woman” (590). Though fairly broad, these definitions will help in focusing on the issues at hand, as well as dissecting particular aspects of the institution of gender in media, whether that be the promotion of products or people, and the roles females take in each sector of marketing, beginning with the marketing of
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