The Communication Process Of A Product Business Essay

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INTRODUCTION Every organization has to sell its products. In order to selling a product business needs to inform about the features and specifications of that product. With the help of promotion and advertising organization let the people about the features and arrival of the product. If the advertising or promotion process becomes successful to satisfy the people about the products features then they tend to buy that product. BMW is a famous car manufacturing company of Germany. This company produces many branded car like BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce brands. The identity and strong marketing campaign of the company makes the company successful and now it is one of the leading premium car companies of the world. REQUIREMENT-1 Communication process applies to advertising & promotion Communicating process is process by which the sender releases any message for the receiver by an effective medium. In the process of communication the sender exists in first place and the receiver exists in the last place. The communication process is described below: . Source: In the process of communication at first the sender of the information encodes some information for sending to the receiver. Sender who is existing in the source can be both an individual and an organization. Medium: The sender of the message uses an effective way so that the message can find its target. The way by which sender sends any message after encoding is called medium. Without any medium communication cannot
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