The Communication Process Of Veterinary Medicine

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Growing up I always envisioned veterinary medicine as doing yearly checkups and finding solutions to medical problems. I basked in the idea of impacting the lives and welfare of animals on a daily bases. When I was young I idolized my local veterinarian because he got to travel around and work with animals’ every day. He was present during some of the best and worst situations, and in the end was there as a friend. At these times, he played into an overlooked area of veterinary practice, the verbal and nonverbal communication portion. With the life style I was raised in, along with my observation time at Lee vet clinic I was able to witness both sides of the communication process. Communication both verbal and non-verbal is a two way street that needs to happen in order to provide the best care for the animal along with the well-being of the owner. With each interaction growing up with my local vet he showed both forms of communication in a way of empathy and understanding for our emotions and choices with our animals. This created a bond of trust and a borderline for animal treatments. I learned that as a practitioner building that trust can be as easy as a nonverbal smile or a verbal greeting. At Lee vet clinic I was able to witness multiple acts of understanding and empathy towards owners of animals being euthanized, or those receiving bad news. The practitioners understood that some owners were not able to take care of the animals medical needs or that the animal was
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