The Communication, Section Of The Asq ( 2 )

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In the “Communication” section of the ASQ (2), I assessed the baby by reading and playing with her favorite stuffed toy, which is ‘Minnie Mouse’. During the assessment, she was able to state words such as “Baba”, “Mama”, “nana”; food, and “No”. She stated these words when she was attempting to leave the room from time to time to go see her father. The baby, while already been fed, wanted to go eat with her father stating “Baba, Nana” while pointing at the door. When the mother told her to come back, the baby shook her head and stated “no”. Then she was able to come back when I asked her to get me her favorite toy, Minnie, to play with. The baby was able to follow my directions after that had occurred. The baby brought back Minnie, and sat…show more content…
She picked up a toy off the floor by bending over and holding her balance. The total score of the baby’s abilities for this section was a 60. According to the ASQ, this score concludes that the baby is on schedule with her development. Fine motor: The third section of the ASQ form was to assess the baby’s “Fine Motor” abilities. The baby scored a 45 on this section due to not being able to complete three out of the six activities. She was not able to turn the page of the book, stack toys, nor was she able to stack blocks. However, the baby was able to pick up her snacks by using her finger and thumb. She threw a ball back at her mother when directed. Also, she attempted to draw on paper using a crayon. Even though the baby did not complete the three tasks, according to the ASQ form, she is still on track with her development. Problem Solving: The fourth section of the ASQ form was “Problem Solving”. This section assessed the baby’s ability to place items in a box, place Cheerios in a small bottle, scribble, and move objects with a stick. The baby was able to place bigger items in a box, but was unable to place the smaller items in the bottle. She was also able to scribble on paper but was unable to move objects with a stick, even though she attempted to hit the object with the stick. The baby scored a 40 on this section, which is still in the correct range for her age groups development.
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