The Communication, Section Of The Asq ( 2 )

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In the “Communication” section of the ASQ (2), I assessed the baby by reading and playing with her favorite stuffed toy, which is ‘Minnie Mouse’. During the assessment, she was able to state words such as “Baba”, “Mama”, “nana”; food, and “No”. She stated these words when she was attempting to leave the room from time to time to go see her father. The baby, while already been fed, wanted to go eat with her father stating “Baba, Nana” while pointing at the door. When the mother told her to come back, the baby shook her head and stated “no”. Then she was able to come back when I asked her to get me her favorite toy, Minnie, to play with. The baby was able to follow my directions after that had occurred. The baby brought back Minnie, and sat next to her mother. Another assessed task was her ability to look through a book, which was also Minnie themed. The baby was able to say more words such as “Mimi”; for Minnie, and the word “cue”; for the word cute. By completing these tasks, she was able to complete the first section of the ASQ form and scoring a 60. Gross Motor: The second section of the ASQ form is “Gross Motor” (2). With instructions, I assessed the baby by walking with her, observing her while walking on her own, and how she was picking up objects off the floor. The baby was able to walk by holding both my hands without falling. She was also able to balance her self when I help her by one hand due to her ability to walk alone without assistance. Since, the baby was an
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