The Communication Strategy Of Iceland And Various Advertising Mediums

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Temitope Taiwo
5th November 2014
BUSM 2619: Advertising: Influence & Persuasion
Roger Saunders & Jenny Ma

Executive Summary

This report will analyse the communication strategy of Iceland and various advertising mediums through which they create various appeals to grocery purchasers who have a taste for cheap frozen and fresh foods. Iceland introduces Peter Andre as the new face of the brand, Peter announced to the general public that shopping at Iceland is best for savings as they offer cheap quality frozen and fresh foods.

Table of Contents

i. Brief Introduction ii. Target Market iii. Core Proposition iv. Tone of Voice
v. Tactics Employed within ads vi. Type of Media used vii. Target Market
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With this new advertising campaign, Iceland has cut-prices of a large number of the products from the 1-pound price value down to 89p with none other than Peter Andre to unveil this new scheme.
"I only ever get involved in a campaign when I truly believe in it. Having experienced first-hand the variety of great quality foods, both fresh and frozen, I can honestly say that Iceland is a great place to shop, full of family favourites and offers outstanding value.” (Peter Andre 2014)

As said earlier, the new ad campaign was created to reach out the individuals who purchase the household goods for their respective families. Each advert is designed in many ways to appeal to every customer; it shows Iceland’s main strong points which are frozen foods that have got no harmful chemicals, horse meat and any added preservatives which could be harmful to the human body but just the old traditional method of food preservation which is freezing, the ads also show its standard free home deliveries from a minimum of a £25 spend with consumer friendly delivery staff and the main point that Iceland is trying to portray in their new ad campaign is the cut off prices that have been tagged on most of their quality
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