The Communication Style Of Men And Women

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We live in a world where communication is significant to help build better relationships and understand others better, even though it can have some positive and negative connotations. The work environment is a difficult place for individuals to communicate because of the competition and judgment people get from other workers. Within the workplace, it is important for those to behave and speak in a professional manner in order for others to see them as assertive. The communication style of men and women creates gender stereotypes in the workplace such as gender role behaviors, social scripts and biological determinism. According to Western Society’s hegemonic norms, the gender binary is given a certain role in which they have to behave to prove their masculinity or femininity, as well as their social scripts. In addition, the idea of biological determinism says that a person’s biology proves his or her own behavior.
In the work environment, women are not taken seriously when performing a job that is predominantly male because they are incapable to due to their biological determinism. Society ‘s norms explain that women are unable to perform daily activities that men can do because they lack the ability that men supposedly have. Because of women’s social scripts, they communicate quietly and slowly, while also letting their emotions take over if they were offended or disrespected. Lorber argues that people are only chosen to do a task based on how competent they are (Lorber,
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