The Communication System At My Company

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The communication system at my company is primarily formal and the majority of communication moves downward (Ober, 2009). The best example I can site of information precisely following the power structure of our company is our phone tree. The phone tree mirrors the power structure of our organization and is used for communicating to staff in the event of a disaster or severe-weather closing. The President contacts members of senior management, who then contact the middle management, who then contact the department supervisors, who finally contact the lower level employees. It is important to be aware of the power structure in an organization for communication in order to determine if the communication structure is formal or informal based on how information moves within the power structure. If the flow of communication is directional within the power structure, the communication structure is formal. If information bounces randomly from one person to another regardless of their place in the hierarchy of power, the communication is informal. As a financial institution, we are subject to both state and federal regulations, and so much of our communication is in the form of policies. The policies are created by upper management, approved by the Board of Directors, and then made available to all employees. These policies guide much of our day-to-day activity. Other means of communication are email and meetings. Where the communication is initiated depends on the
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