The Communication System Project Teams : Problems Of Transfer Knowledge And Information For The Management Of It Projects

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Abstract Communication of project teams is a vital factor in the success or demise of a project. The purpose of this paper is to summarize and analyze the article The Communication System Project Teams: Problems of Transfer Knowledge and Information for the Management of IT Projects by Dr. Jerzy Kisielnicki. The paper will provide overview of Dr. Kisielnicki study of communication of a project team, what techniques are used, the effect that the communication has on the project, and the project manager’s role in that communication. Lastly, the paper will conclude with a view of the study in if similar or different directions can provide certain results. Issues in Informing Science & Information Technology Introduction, Vol.8, 2011…show more content…
In network communication system, every team member communications with every other team member. (Kisielnicki, 2011) Research Information Dr. Kisielnicki’s study included 20 IT projects between 2000 and 2008. Of the 20 projects, twelve Dr. Kisielnicki participated in and project documentation provided the research for the remaining eight projects. The projects varied in size, industry, and implementation. The project teams had a minimum of 20 members that included industry personnel along with IT personnel. The project teams selected required multilevel communication so the management of the projects required interaction of multiple levels within the project team. Being 10% or less of the project’s scope, schedule, and cost determined the project’s success. (Kisielnicki, 2011) Success of the projects are by scope, schedule, and cost. These parameters set forth in determining project success measures effectively communicating. Analysis of the projects success consists of project documentation, questionnaires for project team members, and notes taken where participation in the project process was available. Analysis of the projects describe some of the tools and techniques used to connect the inputs and outputs of collection requirements. Collection requirements fall under project scope management process. Collection requirements supervises stakeholders’ needs and requirements needed to meet project objectives.
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