The Communication Technology Essay

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The revolution in the communication technology is leaving nothing to chance with the field of medicine having its fear share of the impacts. The cost of hospitalization is increasing at an increasing rate yet the health insurance is not comprehensive enough to take care of the many lifestyle diseases common in the modern population. The communication technology is here facilitating the cost cutting strategies in the field of medicine, from diagnosis to the final healing stages. It is not surprising to mention that the doctors and other medical practitioners today can diagnose and prescribe drugs through the social media like Facebook, Twitter and the rest. Facebook, in particular, is a highly developed social media that can enable face detection to facilitate the interaction between the medics and the clients interacting online.
Apple on the other hand made a stir into the mix with their iPhone technology be developing phones that can do all the glucose sensing for the diabetic people. This is to mention that one can use his iPhone to sense the level of glucose in the body and make a quick response to it. As if that is not enough for the medical community, technological revolution is coming up with watches that can be used in the ICU to detect the oxygen level and other essential parameters within the ICU. Another innovation that is startling the world is the possibility of having an electrocardiogram linked to his phone so that he can send the results through the phone to a
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