The Communication Theory Of An Adult Nursing Student

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The ability to provide compassionate care and to communicate effectively are both critical to the success of the health service. Compassionate care can be defined as being conscious of another individual’s misfortune and suffering as well as providing dignity, respect and empathy. Compassion is important as it is said to enhance patient recovery due to staff being more efficient as well as having better communication between nurses and patients. This will be discussed in more detail from the perspective of an adult nursing student. Communication is the exchange of information between individuals. Effective communication is essential for healthcare professionals such as adult nurses as they require to interact successfully with patients…show more content…
This also occurs when a patient is speaking to the nurse. Another communication theory that is used in healthcare is the 10 Cs of effective communication. These include conversation, courtesy, commitment, compassion, curiosity, clarity, concreteness, creativity, collaboration and congruity. (Hargie, 2006). Each of these should be considered when relaying information from the nurse to the patients and their families. The 10 Cs will help a nurse work with the patient rather than with their problem as well as building trust between them as this will enhance the care and work towards recovery. Non-verbal communication uses body language, facial expressions, tone of voice and gestures to express different ideas and concepts. Body language can either confirm or contradict what is actually said. Adult nurses must demonstrate high quality non-verbal communication skills. For privacy and to dignify communication, nurses must think about what they say, how they say it, who they say it to, where they say it and when they use non-verbal communication to speak to an individual. In practice while conversing with a patient, a nurse may show compassion through non-verbal communication. They may get down to the level of the patient so they do not feel that they are being looked down on. The nurse may also use gestures and different facial expressions to show that they are
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