The Communication 's Relationship Within Emotion And Nonverbal Communication

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Executive Summary
From a historical perspective, if a world without communication the splendid culture created by ancestors will lose brilliancy. Absolutely, communication, as an essential, is going to be concerned by everyone. This report intends to find some useful methods to help individuals become outstanding communicators.
1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose
The goal of this report concerns the communication’s relationship within emotion and nonverbal communication. In order to make communication become more effective, the report also analyses a communication situation where the writer have been involved.

1.2 Observation
As an undergraduate of the Early Childhood Education, I worked for a kindergarten in my country for six months.
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Finally, I repeated all the processes happened in this activity as well as the scientific discovery related to oil and water.
2. Analysis
2.1 Emotion in interpersonal communication
Generally, emotion is an abstract term with a tremendous breadth of content which includes such as love and affection, loneliness, experience of fear and embarrassment (Planalp and Rosenberg 2014). From the social perspective, the development of society contributes to different emotional expressions (Barbalet 1998). In other words, emotion is the product of society or social interaction. Thus, emotion has important impacts on interpersonal communication. According to Eunson (2016), there are two essential conceptions of emotion, which are emotional intelligence and emotional competence, when considering emotional theories of interpersonal communication. Moreover, emotional competence is a foundation of emotional intelligence. The former refers to individual’s ability to manage communication both interpersonally and intra-personally. The latter is regarded as an imperative element in communication.
When applying the emotional theories, enhancing individuals’ emotional intelligence through continuously consolidating their own emotional competence is the first thing needs to be considered. It requires people to communicate as many as possible to go through the emotional communication skills. Apart from that, empathy, sympathy and compassion should be recognised because such
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