The Communist Country of North Korea has Power Over the People

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North Korea is a communist country filled with many beliefs and power over their people. The country has been a big talk lately making big news in media. They seem to be the center of attention. What’s behind all the controversy? North Korea is an oppressive regime because human rights aren’t allowed and free speech isn’t given. North Korea does not allow its citizens to watch foreign television such as TV dramas nor do they allow people to own personal bibles. North Korea’s “regime is afraid of potential changes in people’s mind-sets and is trying to scare off people.” (Schwartz 1) Unlike other countries, North Korea is trying to seek control towards their own people. Many of the foreign television are smuggled in from South Korea being on DVD’s & flash drives. North Korea is afraid of people rebelling towards them when watching foreign TV. People seem to gather ideas in their head. The government manages all of the television and media. People will be executed if caught watching foreign TV which is commonly the case. People are not allowed to own bibles. It’s a violation of human rights which the North does not allow. “The bible is a good ticket to a prison or concentration camp” (Schwartz 1). There is no such thing as a ‘God’. Kim Jong Un makes himself appear as one with portraits of his in people’s homes. It’s a way to make himself seem as a great leader to his people. Kim Jong Un is fearful of his own people. He needs to keep control to prevent rebellion.^ There are

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