The Communist Manifesto Essay

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The Communist Manifesto Karl Marx is living in a world he is not happy with, and seems to think that he has the perfect solution. I am a strong believer in his ideas. We are living in a time period with a huge class struggle. The Bourgroise exploits and the proletariat are being exploited. Marx did not like the way this society was and searched for a solution. Marx looked for “universal laws of human behavior that would explain and predict the future course of events" (36). He saw an unavoidable growth and change in society, coming not from the difference in opinions, but in the huge difference of opposing classes. He speaks of his ideal society and how he is going to bring about this utopia in his book The Communist…show more content…
When a child is born, he or she is born into the society as a whole. Another aspect that changed is the political system. The state will have withered away. There will be no government. The rules ad regulations that once existed will no longer be in effect because there will be no body there to enforce them. Someone could commit a crime and not get any penalty since there is not one person that has the authority to convict them. They will be sort of unwritten rules, since they are all expected to share, they would not want to hurt another. There will be no problems since everyone is equal and has equal things. This way we will live in a orderly society. No higher group of people will be needed to keep order since everyone is equal and trusted to work together. Also, intellectually things will change due to the fact that everyone is working together to create a better society. People will do things for each other not just themselves alone. Everyone will come together and share ideas and contribute their own part in hopes of putting together something better. Religion will also be abolished in this communist society. In every religion that is considered to be the “prime being”. In the communist society where everyone is equal, there is no “prime being” since that would mean that those individuals would be better than everyone else. Still, just because religion is gone, that does not mean that all morality will be gone
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