The Communist Manifesto Starts With The Famous Quote, “The

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The Communist Manifesto starts with the famous quote, “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles” (Marx and Engels, p. 14). This quote indicates the class struggle evolved from capitalism where mankind focused their efforts on improving society by desiring more physical means to provide monetary value. Since Marx was philosophical materialist, he held the belief that everything is matter, solid and physical. According to this belief, the human mind is simply neurons firing and everything the body and mind is capable of can be explained biologically. Following this principle, the only things of importance are materialistic objects, therefore objects are of the most value. Ergo, Marx’s prominent claim…show more content…
Marx believes a totalitarian state is a necessity in the beginning stages until a classless society is achieved; he is indifferent to limitations on the power of the government because he knows society will not willingly change their ways for the greater good (Marx and Engels, 1969). Marx recognizes the desire for society to change and his structure for the future is clearly outlined in his works. A socialist system will teach people to be selfless and lead to destruction of class distinctions. The main goal is to reduce the unequal distribution of wealth achieved through exploitation of the workers by the bourgeois class. Marx viewed capitalism as a flawed system which teaches human nature to pursue selfishness. For example, people are less willing to produce and sell their commodities if it bears no monetary generation. There is an overwhelming want by people to make money and it hinders the development of technology. The new technology invented supported the increasing capitalism in society which kept working oppressed and incited a revolution in society. With the increasing supply of workers, the factory owners are given the opportunity to keep wages down because of the high demand for labor. This decrease in the wage rate leads to workers’ pay
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