The Community Care Facility Will Integrate Into The Community

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The Community Care facility will integrate into the community by partnering with hospitals and religious organization that can bring in resources for patients needing medical or spiritual guidance. Based on the information learned from reading in Module 6A, there are fewer hospitalizations occurring, when the primary care is highly integrated into the retirement community. The use of a physician assisted by nurse practitioners delivered clinical care only at the site, covered all settings and provided after hours care resulted in fewer hospitalizations and emergency visits. The residents will be able to attend church to provide some spiritual healing needed by the residents. Based on the information learned from reading in Module 6B,…show more content…
Hospice is one form of palliative care to assist with pain management and take a holistic approach to the dying person. As the aging process begins older adults experience physical impairment. Based on the information learned from reading in Module 6A, older adults are at high risk of physical impairment. There are a variety of chronic disabling conditions and can affect limit mobility. Although the onset of a disability develops slower and resulted from the product of a chronic illness or comorbidities, the facility will address the design to meet all standards to assist those with disabilities. Wheelchair accessibility will be provided to all areas of the facility. The living areas will be constructed to enable those with wheelchairs to bathe with ease. All the bathrooms will have extra handles and no slip rugs to ensure safety while. The lighting in each room will assist with preventing any fall because the rooms or hallways are too dark. Technology will be installed to make using computers easier for the residents to use. The kitchenette in each room will be made wide enough to maneuver a wheelchair in the space. The outside of the facility will be accessible and provide plenty of space to walk around and enjoy the
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