The Community College System : An Alternative Form Of Schooling

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The Community College system in America is an alternative form of schooling so the student can get out into the workforce quicker than a student could while attending a four-year university. Over the years, the junior college system has progressed to become more intimate within the communities they serve. Whether the student is an older person wanting to learn a new trade, or a young adult trying to figure out what their purpose is in life, the community college is a good place to start. One question some people ask is, “Will the education be the same across the board even with the drastic difference in the cost of tuition?” Many people are hesitant about the cost of a four-year university, but likewise, they are also concerned whether…show more content…
After the Great Depression, the junior colleges quickly rebranded their names to community colleges to show dedication to helping the citizens of the specific communities (Trainor). The open-doors admission policy was established by the World War II, and Korean War veterans wanting to go back to school to learn a new skill (Trainor). In today’s era, community colleges can provide students with online classroom platforms, distance-learning and study abroad opportunities, and a creative approach to helping struggling students via virtual/live tutors. Community colleges are very diverse in regards to the admissions process. In a public university setting, most students will have high student loan debt, and the admissions counsel will be more discriminative toward applicants. Many people are reluctant to apply to community colleges because they believe that they cannot obtain a certification or degree that could financially sustain themselves. In January 2015, former president Barack Obama proposed an idea titled “American College Promise” which would guarantee free college education to everyone who is willing to put forth the effort for the first two years of their post-secondary education (Trainor). This program would help jumpstart the workforce by providing more

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