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Frist Community Financial: Investing in Their Employee’s In the case study written by Marcus Osborn, Kutak Rock LLP the author writes about a financial company called Frist Community Financial. First community financial gives loans to small businesses in the forms of asset-based and factoring loans. They will loan up to $1 million to a small business. These loans are considered high risk, traditional lending firms tend to stay away from small business loans. The relationship between First Community financial and its clientele must be solid in stable due to the loans high risk and expensive interest rates. The company has achieved these well-mannered relationships between clients due to the human resource policies of the company. They…show more content…
Which in turn means one bank may deny you where the other one may grant you the loan. The successfulness of First Community financial is due in part to the extremely low rate of turnover of employees that has allowed them to develop and train their employees to work together with each department to give the clients with the highest rate of getting their loans. First Community is a prime example of why companies should invest in their employees from the day that they are hired no matter what age, education, or position within the company, in the article What Aare Companies Doing to Invest in Their Millennial Talent? Levit (2013) writes about the organizations that have been the most successful in their industries develop programs further young workforce in the forms of communication, client relations, public speaking and the world of business management. These companies also after investing into these young employees watch them with a close eye and developed continuing training. This is because the new young workforce wants more money and is also quick to leave organizations. Erickson (2013) writes about how the millennials coming up are more open to being coached and mentored while working at the organizations. During the mentor ships the employee are gaining knowledge on how the organization works. Schawbel (2013) writes about how some companies such as General Electric, EMC,
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