The Community Health Assessment Completed For Pocahontas County

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ask for help when needed. The community health assessment completed for Pocahontas County noted transportation and distance as major problems to access for the aging population (PMH, 2013). To compound the challenges, there is a significant physician shortage with a ratio of primary care providers nearly 19% lower than the national average (PMH, 2013). Pocahontas County is designated as a Health Professions Shortage Area with portions of the county identified as Medically Underserved Areas (PMH, 2013).
Tourism opportunity. It is worth noting that the natural landscape, including the headwaters for seven rivers, high elevation, large concentration of public lands, and hiking and biking trails results in over one million tourists to the county each year (PMH, 2013). The tourist population provides an attractive business opportunity and should be a key element of strategic planning, including physician recruitment, service offerings, and ease of access. Evening and weekends hours, open access scheduling, and services such as orthopedics to set bones, a request from the county’s community health assessment, would all contribute to the capturing of this market segment (PMH, 2013).
Community needs and health status. The Pocahontas County community health assessment highlighted a desired list of services including OB/GYN, MRI, non-emergency transportation, dialysis, pediatrics, expanded dental, colonoscopy, orthopedics to set bones, and ophthalmology (PMH, 2013). These…
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