The Community Health Workers Of The United States Essay

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In the United States there are over seven million uninsured children where Community Health Workers (CHWs) have been successfully contributing to the increased number of childhood insurance enrollments. CHWs incorporated training Parent Mentors (PMs) for soliciting other parents who would in turn educate and raise awareness to issues such as the management of asthma, provision of a supportive home environments for early learning and interventional services, increased immunization rates, identification of food insecurities, poisoning knowledge and safe farm working environments. Historically, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIPs) have provided these services where the enrollees have had to overcome barriers to challenging, hard to negotiate qualifications, inequities and enrollment processes. Whereby today, in combination with PM training those deficiencies found in the Medicaid/CHIP system could be effectively overcome. As qualified PMs reach out to the public it will be necessary to implement adequate testing measures for performance, skill sets, adequate training, knowledge and effectiveness. The evaluations of those contributions will directly relate to the overall healthcare of children and what impact it will have on the overall healthcare system. Keywords: children, health insurance, parent mentors, Medicaid Identified Issues, Causes and Symptoms In the article review for “A Successful Program for Training Parent Mentors to Provide
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