The Community Meeting Of The Oshkosh Museum

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The community meeting of the Oshkosh Museum allowed the observers to look at the: physical environment, social and leader aspects, structure of the meeting, how the group dealt with power issues and apply the knowledge relevant to the current Social Work Generalist Practice class. Physical Environment Conversations between the individuals were being held in relaxed manner before the meeting was called to order. The meeting for the Oshkosh Area Public Museum began at 4:00 pm on March 5, 2015; together the group of twelve individuals sat around the tables that were pushed together to form a square. The meeting was held in the basement of the Oshkosh Museum, this room seemed overly crowded as the walls were piled with boxes to the ceiling and various art displays lay on the surrounding tables. The contents of the boxes were filled with various art displays. The board members surrounded the table, separated by gender. The men were all sitting on one half of the square; while the women were sitting in a group on the other. Three individuals distinguished themselves apart from the others. Seated in the middle of the three was Brad Larson, the museum’s director. To the left was Gary Haffeman, the president of the board, and sitting to the right of Larson was Theresa Brooks, who serves as the recorder for the board meetings. Social/Leadership The meeting that was observed was a regularly scheduled meeting, each month the board members came together and discuss important issues
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