The Community Of The United States From South Korea

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When I was five years old my parents decided to move to the United States from South Korea. My parents wanted my sister Sunny and me to learn English because they knew how important it is today to know the global universal language. When I first arrived in America, I had no problem in communicating with others because I was able to communicate through my parents in Korean instead of speaking for myself to English speakers. But that soon changed when I first entered the discourse community of my kindergarten class. I needed to adapt to the community by learning English in order for me to communicate with my peers and teachers. Syntax learning this new language was difficult for me because the teachers could only teach me and communicate with me by using body gestures and pictures. This group of people that I had to adapt to fit in was the first discourse community I faced in America that helped me to learn how to speak English. Throughout my life, I have become member of three main discourse communities which have helped shape me into the speaker and person I am today by learning new styles of communication. The first discourse community that I started with was my family, which consists of my dad, my mom and my older sister Sunny. The first difference in my language was the way I spoke to my parents and sister. From a young age, I was taught to speak to my parents in a respectful way. In South Korean culture respect is highly valued that it is imbedded in the Korean

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