The Companies That Dropped Tiger Woods

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The Companies That Dropped Tiger Woods During His Scandal Should Not Reinstate Him
Joseph E. Thomas

This paper explores the truth about when a popular athlete such as Tiger Woods makes a mistake or is even just faced with accusations of a crime these moral clauses are revisited extensively, because the end results and affects of such a marketing campaign that includes a celebrity endorsement can be detrimental to a company 's image. This is their way of looking for any and every means to protect themselves.
Let 's not downplay that current market situations indicate that celebrity endorsement advertising strategies
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We tend to think that whether one ought to be retained in a particular job position depends on whether they are qualified for the job, rather than whether they are a generally decent person. Suggesting that Tiger, Kobe, Magic, or Jordan should not be allowed to pursue their profession in virtue of their personal indiscretions would amount to a unique kind of discrimination. From the standpoint of employment qualifications, one’s sexual behavior is usually an irrelevant consideration. This brings us to the second consideration concerning punishment in one’s professional life based on actions in one’s personal life. We tend to think that there is an important separation between one’s public life and one’s private affairs. When one is a celebrity like Tiger Woods, this line is blurred considerably, and one might claim that the loss of this distinction is the price one pays for fame. However, this imposes an arbitrary constraint on a person’s individual freedoms. If one has a right to the maintenance of a public and a private sphere, the fact that a person is famous is not obviously a reason for violating this right.
THE COMPANIES THAT DROPPED TIGER WOODS The second ethical question raised by the Tiger Woods affair scandal concerns whether it is ethical to break a professional contract based on a person’s actions in their personal life. This is a complicated question, and I will limit the discussion to one pertinent facet of it. If Tiger

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