The Company Inc. An E Commerce Based Industry

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The company Amazon.Com Inc. an e-commerce based industry can be affected by the country’s political external factors for example:

A) political stability of developed countries. It could creates an opportunity to expand .

B)Government support for e-commerce. It is an a opportunity as a well a threat, an opportunity because it can continue to expand and diversify it business, a treat because competition will also increase.

C) Increasing governmental efforts on cyber-security which could be a positive change. It is an opportunity that should exploit to increase its capacity of recuperation in the remote or macro-environment of e-commerce.


Effects on supply and demand determined by the economics environmental of the nation and the rest of world. When there is a recession, population income declines and people become more conservative in their spending. In contrast, with the growing population and increase access to the internet in large population countries, the e-commerce business has grown tremendously. “Asia Pacific’s internet retailing market is expected to overtake North America due to its large population size, rising incomes and increasing familiarity with technology (Euro Monitor International, 2013), China and India are also gaining more access to broadband to the internet this factor aided Amazon to growth incredibly.


Billions of users can be gotten through proper use of social networking giants, and…
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