The Company I 'm Working For Lts Nj Inc.

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The company I’m currently working for—LTS NJ Inc., is a growing surveillance products supplier in US since 2005. We import CCTV cameras and other comparable surveillance products from manufactures in China and sell them to the installers here in US. We are a relative small company with around thirty sales representatives, twelve warehouse workers, ten surveillance engineers and a four people analytics team.

Compare to our major competitors like ADI (leading supplier in industry), we are still very young. In such an industry that many similar companies offering similar products and use comparable tech, unique geographical advantage no longer matter in competition. What’s left for us is to execute the business with maximum efficiency and effectiveness and to make the smartest decisions possible.

According to the theory of Jim Riley, Value chain analysis describes the activities that take place in a business and relates them to an analysis of the competitive strength of the business. Influential work by Michael Porter suggested that the activities of a business couold be grouped under two headings: Primary and Support activities.

Based on the Porter’s Generic Value Chain, the procedure from inbound logistics to operations, then to outbound logistics, and then marketing and sales, and services at last are coordinating functioning in company’s daily operation and management.

As we all know, products are bought in the market only because it possesses a certain value for…
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