The Company Image And The Performance Of The Division

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In 2005, I was working as Manager of International Investments in Valores Bancolombia and we started selling the first hedge fund in the country. Colombian financial sector was starting to develop, and investors and Financial Advisors had none or few knowledge about international markets and they mainly invested in local fixed income and stocks. The launch of the products was a big success, in the first 3 months we increased the revenue of the area by 300% and the assets under management by 400%. But then we started to have some issues with clients that where not happy with the investment, the issue began to affect the company image and the performance of the division.
In any hedge fund, performance is variable, for Colombian Investors, this was not common. When the fund had bad performances, clients got very upset. The issue was generated mainly because the internal work force hadn’t understand the product well, they just push sales because we had a very aggressive reward program. Clients also didn’t understand the product. The funds I selected were not conservative so the variation of the performance was significant. All the responsibility was on my hands and time was not enough to handle all the problems and to keep the division on track.
As a manager, this situation involve all the skills, but there are two management skills that I will analyse deeply, communication and the decision making.

The process of launching the
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